Private label Services

Interested in what we can do for your business? We can activate our supply chain and strategic partners combined with our marketing and logistics team to deliver you a private label coffee program.


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△Services for coffee buyers

We represent producers and help them bring their products to new markets while ensuring we can trace the origin and business practices of those products. Our commitment is to ensure you as the buyer, roaster, and storyteller are getting exactly what you paid for though our quality assurance and quality control process. In short, we aim this will reduce your waste factor, increase your bottom line and open new pathways to producers who align with your values and tastes.



Direct Sourcing: 

We will provide data gathering, origin verification, multi-stage sample testing (quality, lots & pre-shipment samples), processing and packaging (GrainPro preferred) to meet buyers specifications. Our team will utilize certified Q-graders and physically inspect to verify quality.


Our local partners can handle transport (road, air and sea), customs clearance, export, import, consolidation and warehousing. They have deep experience with corridor access in Ethiopia, Dijibouti and Kenya. Our international partners can deliver products directly to your desired warehouse but we prefer FOB for larger importers.



We offer pro-bono business consulting for producers, marketing strategies, and closing the feedback loop. A percentage of our proceeds will be reinvested in social impact initiatives focused on fresh water, education, and women's empowerment. 


We put you directly into contact with the producers. This develops relationships with the farmers and we support storytelling of the origin, provide content gathering, social impact alignment, and custom trips to the origin.